UNSPSC Solution Providers

Albemarle Corporation

Allegiance Acquisition, LLC

B1 LINK is a professional networking platform that enables your business to connect and find other companies, whether prospective or existing suppliers, clients or businesses, and facilitates new meaningful relationships to positively influence business growth and diversity. Our offering is the link in the chain that completes smart business connections, applying the UNSPSC classification across the platform to support a global product and service standard in connecting companies.

Creactives S.p.A.
Creactives helps global procurement and supply chain teams to cleanse, enrich, and harmonize their data, using UNSPSC and custom taxonomies. Creactives AI solutions are based on proprietary deep learning algorithms to provide Advanced Spend Analytics, Material&Service Master Data Governance, and Procurement Guidance Automation. Our distinctive combination of Deep Learning, Knowledge Engineering, and Crowd Learning is the key factor for a quick AI personalization on customer data in order to provide:
- Full visibility on automatically updated consumption models thanks to harmonized and granular data
- Global inventory management and working capital optimization
- Real-time AI assistants for Purchase Requisitions

Creactives has been adopted by 50+ Global Enterprises, and our technology has been awarded by many international Procurement experts such as Spend Matters (50 to Watch 2020 and 2021), Procurement Magazine (Top 100 Procurement Companies) and ProcureTech Top 100.

Distributed Solutions, Inc.

Fresh International
Fresh International provides the leading UNSPSC automation tool, Refresh which matches your “less than perfect” product and spare parts data to UNSPSC Codes. Most importantly, Refresh also automatically highlights which of your data lines is not suitable for an A.I. approach and may need more human attention. Our decade-long proven machine learning, A.I., and human augmented algorithms are used daily by many large corporates worldwide including Coca-Cola, Dow, Target & Continental. A version of Refresh is available for most ERP systems, including SAP; producing UNSPSC codes on-the-fly for your users as they type descriptions live in to their systems.

Griha Software Technologies Private Ltd
Grihasoft is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 certified, with HIPAA compliance, provider of data quality services. Grihasoft serves clients across the globe and is an established provider of data management services like MDM Services, Product Classification (UNSPSC) for spend analysis, Master Data Cleansing, Data Enrichment.

Healthcare-IQ, Inc.

Hitachi, Ltd.

InnovOps, Ltd
InnovOps automates the entire lifecycle of operational assets from the Request through its Disposal; managing the entire chain of custody and change for an asset.  InnovOps’ automated Service and Product Catalogs leverage the UNSPSC Codes. With this offering customers can remove the work of managing their catalogs in a world where technology is in constant change and be assured it aligns to procurement, vendors and all stages of the lifecycle.  With InnovOps’ frontend customers can alias, offline and use what fits their business as well as report, refresh and run operations based on the categories.  InnovOps' data is tool agnostic and can be refreshed daily.  Call for pricing.

Lab Logistics Group GmbH

MainStem Inc


Novus Informatics, Inc.
Provide organizations with data management solutions that drive operational efficiencies and support improved profits.

Open Windows Software

Origo hf.
Timian is a web-based platform that integrates workflow and processes within and between Purchaser and Supplier. The pillar of Timian is Content, Workflow, and Expense Management. Timian was launched in 2013 and is owned by Origo. Timian Streamlines supplier and content management, requesting items, purchasing, order respond and receiving, then approving invoices, booking, and BI reporting. Timian integrates with other technologies, such as BI Analytic tools, to provide real-time data of key performance indicators. The main objectives of Timian are to lower the cost of usage of goods and services, decrease time spent on manual processes as well as increase performance and employee satisfaction.

PiLog India Pvt Ltd
Established in 1996, PiLog Group is a global group of independent companies, specializing in Quality Data and Digital Governance and Analytical solutions supporting multiple data domains in a variety of industries all over the globe. We have many resources operating globally including Africa's, America's, Europe, Middle East, Asia, etc. The PiLog's solutions are state of the art, focused on creating a common business language and managing the rules for the creation of high quality, multilingual terminology using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence technologies, and human-augmented algorithms for our customers who are eager to transform their businesses digitally. PiLog provides exclusive technical dictionaries, industrial libraries with content repositories that are the culmination of research, development, and execution over the past twenty years embedded into the platform of PiLog Data Quality HUB. All our methodologies, processes, solutions are compliant with international standards for delivering seamless systematic integration of content into various platforms such as SAP, S4 HANA, Oracle ERP Cloud, Maximo, MS Dynamics and more.

PlanetBids Inc
PlanetBids, Inc. offers a cloud-based system for state-of-the-art bid management and related contract, insurance, and business services for procurement professionals in the public, private, educational, and non-profit sectors. The PB System™ streamlines entire processes, saving resources on both sides of the Procurement-Vendor spectrum. PlanetBids, Inc. is a privately held and rapidly growing Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Women Business Enterprise (WBE) based in Los Angeles and serving clients across the United States.

Premier Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Public Procurement Service

Semaino Technologies GmbH
Semaino Technologies serves their customers since 2002. Semaino Technologies is the developer of damexSuite, a complete set for all needs for creation of electronic catalogs. damexSuite supports a vast array of data exchange formats and classifications like UNSPSC etc.. Furthermore damexSuite is able to provide data onboarding of multiple sources into systems like PIM, ERP, MDM etc. Besides data cleaning and data harmonizing damexSuite is able to transform data and provide data quality reports. Semaino Technologies is also servicing their customers on behalf of data mapping and creation of electronic catalogs. 

Shawntech Communications Inc

Stibo Systems A/S
Stibo Systems is empowering data-led businesses to create and deliver data transparency to their customers and partners. With a single, accurate view, companies can unlock the strategic value of their data by connecting, governing, enriching and syndicating it wherever it’s needed. This enables businesses to make informed decisions and achieve their goals of scale, scope and ambition.We believe transparency is so important that we've made it our purpose to make data transparency a catalyst for better business for a better world. In doing so, our mission is to help our customers optimize their business, environmental and social performance by offering the world’s most versatile master data management (MDM) solutions. When exchanging product information with customers and business partners, companies need to map and transform their product data to an appropriate data model - such as an industry standard like UNSPSC - that can be easily interpreted by the receiving organization. The ability to seamlessly share complete and high-quality data is critical to decrease time to market, streamline procurement processes and deliver excellent customer experiences.

Symmetric Health Solutions
Symmetric aligns product data to UNSPSC Codes for hospitals and healthcare organizations, and submits feedback to improve the UNSPSC schema. With industry-leading machine learning and natural language processing algorithms, we automatically match to large datasets like hospital item masters and cleanse these datasets with UNSPSC classifications. Symmetric's data is refreshed nightly and improves constantly.

Techmien Corp.



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